Advantages of short baselines

Advantages of your own base station and short baselines

1. Shorter baselines provide significantly better reliability because the ambiguities are much easier to resolve and the correct ambiguity solution has an obvious contrast.
2. Shorter baseline has better accuracy because most of errors (like atmospheric and tropospheric effects) are common and cancel.
3. Shorter baseline ambiguities are resolved much faster. In longer baselines, incorrect ambiguities may pose as being correct in the statistical evaluations and it takes longer to isolate incorrect ambiguities.
4. Shorter baselines make it feasible to work in difficult areas (under tree canopy and in urban environments) because ambiguities have better contrast and are easier to resolve.
5. Beast Mode RTK is available only via our TRIUMPH-2 and TRIUMPH-1M base station. It makes ambiguity resolution up to 5 times faster because base station transmits base data 5 times per second. 5-Hz Beast Mode RTK is totally different from the up to 100-Hz RTK that is done by extrapolating the same 1-Hz data 100 times per second AFTER the ambiguities are fixed. This extrapolation technique does not improve the ambiguity resolution speed and is mainly used in applications like machine control after the ambiguities are fixed.
6. In addition to savings due to speed and reliability, it saves you RTN and communication charges. A complete system, Base + Rover + Radio + Controller & Controller Software, starts at $19,990. 0% financing available ($1,537.69 per month for 13 months) to active license US Professional Land Surveyors (PLS). Extended finance terms also available, contact for details.