Your thick trees and Our six RTK engines making friends!

Your thick trees and
Our six RTK engines…

“This thing is bad ass!”

“I used “Beast Mode” on a small project yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!! Did Javad and Red Bull team up to enhance RTK or did my system drink hypercaffeinated coffee when I wasn’t looking? Amazing accomplishment/ development Javad. I can’t imagine using any other GPS equipment.”

“the data collection will make your whole body stiff, and quiver from head to toe. It is flat awesome.”

“We are considering a third system (these things are awesome)”

“got some shots that he could not get with our gr5’s”

“Btw, pardon my French, but holy shit. I got some ridiculous ‘fixes’ today in some horrible situations. Reset receiver, moved around, etc. Tried to get a bad fix but had a hard time doing it.”

“On a side bar, the highway contractor had a guy using a Trimble for his as-built shots. My Javad ate his lunch on fixes and the verify routines. He had never seen anything like it. His was stop, drop, and go.”

“I’ve been using BEAST MODE RTK and it works very fine even in heavy canopy. Tremendous application.”

“The only bitching now is for the crew that has to take out the Hyper V.”

“The LS has increased our productivity 2:1.”

“This thing is bad ass!”

…making friends!