Where Have You Been With Your TRIUMPH-LS Lately
“I just want to say that I am in fact loving my new Triumph-LS. It's extremely accurate and easy to use. And it's definitely a beast in tree cover.”
“Had our first real world experience today, and we are blown away! I should’ve taken pictures, and I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but WOW! We were looking for a pin on an existing job that we’d already done most of the work for, and which was tied in to MaCORS. Plugged in the coords while in the field, and were directed by the LS to proceed west through a “wall of green” 50’ high! 15’ in to said wall of green was the pin in question. We were now completely canopied in, no big holes, mostly just green, very little sunlight getting in. Set the LS up over the pin and start the waiting game: a click here and a click there, when suddenly, rapid fire clicks and we’re under a tenth from our first shot (Precise Topo mode), all in less than 20 minutes. We did this 3 more times on this mile long, 150 acre site, and it was amazing! We’re sold! We started this job today as a test, comparing the iG8 to the LS. The test lasted about 10 minutes, the amount of time it took the iG8 to get its first fix, when the LS was already fixed and collecting data for 5 minutes. No comparison at all.”
“Now I'm surprised when I CAN'T get a shot.....not when I can....”
“Just doesn't surprise me at all where I consistently get great, verified, reliable, repeatable, etc. etc. etc. shots anymore. The coordinates I'm storing are 100% good - and the LS has the tools, as you describe, to prove it, prove it again, then prove it again....as many times as you want.”
“We are very satisfied/elated with the performance of the system. For our type of business, where we are hitting multiple sites per day, the fast setup time and deployment is a huge advantage. The lightweight footprint allows us to jump to different vehicles depending on the job without the risk of leaving something behind, let alone that the entire system fits in a small case. The DPOS functionality is a game changer as we don’t have to wait on getting back our GCP coordinates to start running photogrammetry operations while in the field. All of these improvements over the typical T     /T       workflow have provided us a sizeable boost in productivity which helps our bottom line. …and it is more fun!”
“My favorite is to be in an impossible place, watching it click away... and then to say to myself, NO WAY, and repeat it, and repeat it, and all the coords are within 0.04' or 0.06' of each other, horiz. and within 0.12' vert. And, it then allows you to make a weighted average of those 4 shots.”
“You can make the LS about as user friendly as you can get. That's what's so great about this unit. It is, by far, the most flexible and changeable piece of equipment we've ever owned. Add in the different profiles you can setup for both the collect and staking action screens and it becomes literally like the old Burger King slogan where you can ‘have it your way’!”
“VASTLY superior to Access in functions, capabilities and customization. Not to mention - like the others said - they update it regularly and take user suggestions very seriously. I can't remember the last time T       made a MEANINGFUL change to its controller software - it's essentially unchanged since the days of the TSC-e. The hardware is just about flawless”
“I've used pretty much all of the ‘big’ name GPS products and Javad just blows them away.
I am not compensated nor have any affiliation with Javad other than a user. Just my 2 cents.”
“I've been a T      believer for years, total stations & GPS. I bought the GR-3's when they first became available and was very impressed. That being said, I have recently purchased a Javad system and there is no comparison. I highly recommend giving Javad a look.”
"The Javad system just keeps on giving. Quite amazing.”
“Can't say enough about the Javad GPS system. The support team & results are simply amazing. I've been hesitant to post about it because Javad has given me a "leg up" on my competition. The ease of post processing, software updates, etc. is second to none AND they listen to what we need.”
“The more I use my LS, the more I love it. Their attention to detail is incredible. I haven't cracked open my TSC-3 in weeks.”
“I have been extremely happy with the system, and while (like most things) I learn new things every time I use it, I have been productive right from the start. Amazing system!”
“If it's not a JAVAD, stay out of them woods!”
“Every time I take the LS to the field, and use it. I am amazed at what it does. It's error estimates are close, it's capabilities are astounding.”
TRIUMPH-LS user wrote, “I had my helper Tim, start on one end with a robot while I was doing some boundary recon. He worked about 7 hours and located about 1500' of creek on the low end, I started later that day on the high end and located 750' in about 2 hours using the LS with my boundary profile.”
Fellow surveyor commented, “Sounds like you need a second LS!”
TRIUMPH-LS user replied, “Don't we all?”
“For those of us who do work in the woods... it's the bomb!”
“With the hybrid RTK this LS, in my opinion, is simply far and away the most versatile piece of survey equipment that has ever been offered to the survey community.”
“I've been using BEAST MODE RTK and it works very fine even in heavy canopy. Tremendous application.”
“I am often getting 2 days of work done in a day, compared to my old GPS system.”
“After the field guys are done all they have to do is leave the LS on. The office can download all the points that day. Send the base points off to be processed. Adjust rover points. Upload tomorrows points, drawings, or projects. The list is endless. And to be able to field tag points with pictures is a plus. But to be able to take pictures and create points from those pictures is just ridiculous. I mean what is this thing gonna do next?”
“Because I know many of the people behind the scenes developing the software we use every day, I often think of them when I'm working in the field. Even though I'm working solo, I'm not exactly alone. Each one of the developers have poured a little of themselves and their knowledge into this product to simplify my work. I'm still in control of my survey, but they help me achieve my goals, making sure I deliver a quality product in a short timeframe. This is actually consistent with my business model: provide a quality professional service in a short amount of time. It's amazing to me that I can do this very competitively, by myself, with hard work and these great tools.”
“Javad is certainly changing the game. We bought our first system almost a year ago and our entire planning of resources to dedicate to field/office time have completely changed. Things such as marking lines through extreme tough environments used to be the most dreaded thing we did. With this, it's completely different. The CDF mode gets you so close, usually inside 2',and once a couple definite points are established beast mode makes it so fast to stay online. Couldn't imagine using anything else now!!”
“I have been using this equipment since May 2014. Before that I had rented many of the latest offerings of other makes and models.
The development of the Triumph L.S./JField software and the capabilities it allows is as significant to surveying as the development of GPS in my opinion.
Can't thank Javad and the development team enough for constantly pushing the envelope.
Everything you guys do saves me time, money, and makes the work that much more enjoyable.”
“We are considering a third system (these things are awesome)”
“Got some shots that he could not get with our gr5's”
“On a side bar, the highway contractor had a guy using a T       for his as-built shots. My Javad ate his lunch on fixes and the verify routines. He had never seen anything like it. His was stop, drop, and go.”
“The data collection will make your whole body stiff, and quiver from head to toe. It is flat awesome.”