Major Post-Processing Advancement for Surveyors!

TRIUMPH-LS Plus JAVAD GNSS introduces the new Real Time Postprocessed Kinematics (RTPK) solution.

TRIUMPH-LS combines the strengths of RTK and PPK into a system that can post-process your RTK data and verify its results in parallel and real time. You get the best of both worlds!

If RTK fails, RTPK comes to your rescue in a fraction of a second.

Available now!

We welcome you to try RTPK with no risk via the Cinderella Program.

We are confident you will fall in love with RTPK!

After this trial period, RTPK can be purchased as an option for $1,000.

Available on TRIUMPH-LS


Users are loving RTPK!

Javad was right. PPK is better than RTK! [...] Just for grins, I sent my project off to DPOS, and all of the 10 second PPK shots processed perfectly, and created tighter 5 point clusters than the RTK. I had not intended to even utilize PPK on this job, and made no time allowance for normal PPK observations, yet there it was, better than my RTK.

-John Evers, PLS

The RTPK feature is about as simple as any feature can get. When you are on a point and stop the session, the LS automatically starts downloading the data for the time period matching that session from your base (or RTN) and then internally in the LS (no internet connection required) runs the post processing and gives you the PPK solution right there on your point in real time. [...] It is a very nice and ingenious feature and, for us anyway, is a great “check” on our RTK results.

-Darren Clemons, PLS