QZSS L1 C/B Signal is Being Tracked

The Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) is a satellite-based augmentation system developed by the Japanese government. Launched recently QZS-1R satellite has an ability to transmit new L1 C/B signal. This signal is going to replace current L1 C/A signal. C/B signal test transmission has happened on November,18 2021. JAVAD GNSS TRE-3N receiver, located in Japan, with special firmware successfully tracked it (during test period, it's prn is #203). The figures below show Signal-To-Noise Ratio (C/N0) and IONO-Free Range-Minus-Phase combination. On the graphs, C/B signal is places on C/A place (red color). Additionally, L1C and L2C signals have being tracked.

Fig. 1 Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Fig. 2 IONO-Free Range-Minus-Phase

JAVAD GNSS plans to add C/B signal tracking as a standard feature into the next firmware public release.