TRIUMPH-LS New Options

Little heads-up on what is coming for TRIUMPH-LS:
An option available for the TRIUMPH-LS with the following features, using the new ASIC:

  • Improved signal tracking and signal processing (wideband tracking) and adding Galileo and BeiDou L6 bands and Galileo AltBoc and BeiDou AltBoc signals.
  • Improved multipath reduction due to wide band tracking.
  • Improved spectrum analysis to show and reject spoofers and jammers option.
  • Improved RTK with four “Super Engines”. Each engine uses all signals of all satellites but with different parameters for different conditions.
  • Improved internal Wi-Fi antenna that works both as directional and omnidirectional. No need for external Wi-Fi antenna.
  • Improved internal Bluetooth antenna and longer range.
  • Lower power consumption and extended battery life.
  • J-Mate ready: Integrated J-Target painted on the back of TRIUMPH-LS.

Price for the current TRIUMPH-LS remains at $12,990 and can be purchased as before.
Price of the improved option is $4,990. ($12,990+$4,990=$17,980).
Please see our website for additional available options for the TRIUMPH-LS.

Owners of current TRIUMPH-LS units (in working condition) can upgrade their units to the improved option at $5,450 and for $5,700 we will also install a brand new set of batteries.

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